Sugar Industry

On behalf of a disaster–response company that advised a major oil company with a long–term recovery plan on the U.S. Gulf Coast, we helped shape a long–term recovery strategy that would place the seafood industry as a centerpiece.
The stakeholder–based approach was incorporated into the oil companies’ strategy that balances issues of liability with responsibilities in its footprint of operations.

Sugar+Sugar Ethanol

Our reports primarily reviewed labor issues as it applied to international law and country domestic standards. By using CSR principles and standards as a point of departure, we assisted our clients with the development in–house CSR initiatives.
As expert advisors to a major U.S. law-firm, we reviewed ‘best practices’ and a variety of options toward meeting international certification standards in Brazil, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.


Clients, including Human Rights Watch, The International Committee of the Red Cross, Amnesty International and the Natural Resources Defense Council, utilized our work to help shape policy on issues that involve CSR and published articles on topics.

American Indian Energy-Producing Tribes

Keynote address presented plus support documents produced to assist tribe in its efforts to develop a tribal energy policy that would exercise a maximum degree of sovereignty and control over the conditions of development on tribal lands.


Our team produced a series of reports in the sugar, sugar-ethanol, coffee, banana and pineapple industries in Brazil and Costa Rica.


World Bank report was presented to the Oil and Gas Division to help shape their approach to Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in mine–shut downs.
A concept paper for a major U.S. based international mining company regarding their operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

International and Domestic Agencies

We completed a founding project at Harvard, Forging Peace, that continues to this day. We produced reports for USAID on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global South, with DOD, Rethinking Medical Policy on Land Mine Injuries, and post-Soviet health care reform in Central Asia.
For the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, the Sustain the Globe Director served as spokesperson to the United States, delivering a variety of briefings to the U.S. Congress, major corporations, and major domestic and international press.