Seafood Industry

Photo by Anita Parlow

At Sustain-the-Globe, we have a great appreciation for the broad spectrum of issues confronting the American seafood industry – an industry that faces substantial challenges form a combination of negative environmental impacts and global economic and market forces that are significantly restricting the industry’s ability to grow and thrive.

In interviews conducted along the Gulf, more than several seafood industry producers expressed interest in evaluating the utility of Gulf-wide strategies to brand Gulf wild seafood as a ‘gold standard’ sustainably produced.

The preliminary thinking was in terms of a niche market.

Somewhat like Starbucks that started as a small-shop in Washington State. By supporting what was at that time a collapsing coffee industry in Costa Rica, Starbucks assisted the development of a sustainable coffee industry and profitable company.

As the seafood industry faces a range of challenges as it moves into a increasingly globalized world, he Starbucks model offers inspiration.

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