Certification Preparation

Given the substantial growth of voluntary certification and sustainability standards and procedures that are shaping much of global industry behavior, our team provides detailed information about the framework, scope, structure and reporting requirements of the appropriate generally accepted international standards that offers industry–specific meaning to sustainability.

Following the conduct of field-work in a specific situation, our team develops an approach, in cooperate with top–management, to integrate the requirements of the management system standards within the existing management structure.

Steps include the following:

  • Produce a tailored package for various options from a menu of appropriate standards;
  • Engage top management and field operations to assess relevant components of the business in terms of standards to be met;
  • Identify and chronicle the criticisms of external actors;
  • Conduct field–work to document ongoing management practices;
  • Assist management in its development of corporate priorities toward facilitating changes in social, environmental, labor or other practices;
  • Document any gaps between management practices and relevant standards.
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