Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a business priority for many companies – large or small – that seek to protect their reputation and brand. Key players – stakeholders – worldwide are asking for greater social and environmental consciousness in how corporate leaders do business in today’s complex and increasingly interrelated world.

This growing stakeholder demand for “a social license to operate” – by a combination of shareholders, customers, employees, regulatory agencies, non-governmental organizations, and those who live in the footprint of the company’s operation – can deliver comparative advantage to a company that ably navigates, or anticipates, its demands.

Key decision-makers in the investment community, governments and regulatory authorities, too, recognize this changing global environment and increasingly say that a company’s reputation for CSR influences their decisions. There are no CSR quick fixes, particularly in social crisis situations. Bit it is vital for companies to identify the crux of a dilemma, and authorize management to develop proactive strategies to improve practice and reputation – emerging in a stronger comparative position.

Our objective is to help our clients manage business risk and create comparative value by improved management of business strategies consistent with a renewed balance of financial and social bottom lines. With growing demands for information and performance changes on corporate activities, here, in the early twenty-first century, sustainability, corporate reputation and brand are inseparable.

Our CSR practice combines deep, substantive expertise with a network of relationships spanning the range of key sectors and issues on the frontlines of today’s social, labor, environmental and globalization debates.

We are confident that customized strategies can be produced to contribute both to stronger bottom lines and a better world.